Black Diamond owns and operates a large-scale integrated crude oil gathering system in the Denver Julesberg Basin. The system consists of approximately 230 miles of pipeline in operation, 300,000 barrels per day of delivery capacity and approximately 330,000 barrels of crude oil storage capacity, with an additional 60,000 barrels of storage capacity currently under construction. Over the coming months, planned expansions will add an additional 150,000 barrels of storage capacity, bringing total storage capacity to 540,000 barrels by the end of Q1 2020. Black Diamond has approximately 180,000 dedicated acres from ten customers under fixed fee arrangements. The system is connected to every major takeaway pipeline in the basin, including the White Cliffs Pipeline, the Saddlehorn Pipeline, the Grand Mesa Pipeline, and the Pony Express Pipeline.

Noble Midstream operates the system. Noble Midstream and Greenfield Midstream jointly provide commercial efforts to bring additional producer dedications to Black Diamond Gathering and pursue expansion opportunities.